In an embarrassing mistake where the immigration staff mixed up two different Indian inmates, the wrong guy was moved across the country. The inmate was moved from Maribyrnong Immigration Detention Centre in Melbourne on a charter flight to Christmas Island.

In a statement, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection said that the detainee was scheduled to be placed in the detention center at Christmas Island at a later date, and hence he is currently continuing residing there, as the initial assessment placed him there. However, the Department has failed to confirm if the man who was originally scheduled to be moved to the Christmas Island have been moved there after this confused mix-up incident.

The Department also claimed that a review was about to take place to investigate how the staff made a mistake like this and to prevent further incidents like this. Also, referring to why the inmates were moved, the Department clarified that inmates are regularly switched between facilities for quite a few operational reasons, and also to maintain safety and good immigration detention networking order.