Is Australia calling your name but you’re not sure you have the right points to meet Australian Migration requirements?

The Australian government currently requires you to meet a certain threshold to be eligible for permanent skilled migration. As of September 2018, you will require a minimum of 65 points to be considered and be able to apply for an Australian Permanent Visa. Some occupations require even higher and 65 points is the bare minimum. The more you score the better chances you will have at receiving an invitation!


1. Study in Australia

Have a degree overseas but still need more points?
Studying in Australia for at least 2 years will give you extra points for migration. Contact us to commence enrolment and improve your chances for migration in the future!

2. Professional Year

Have you recently completed a degree or Master’s Accounting, engineering or IT graduate?
Undertake an accredited professional year program to boost your points! Valet Migration can organize your professional year program for you, Making sure you choose the best and most prestigious service providers!

3. Work Experience

Not all occupations require work experience, but if you are low on points, at least 3 years is required to gain points for migration BUT are you already in Australia? If you are, one year of Australian experience in your nominated occupation will help increase your points. Let one of our Registered Migration Agents review your resume to see how much experience you could potentially claim.

4. English

Increase your level of English through an approved International English Language test for a huge boost in points that could put you across the line and closer to reaching your dream of migrating to Australia.

5. Be recognized for your advanced language skills

Do you speak more than one language fluently? You may be able to gain extra points by gaining a credentialed community language certificate or becoming a certified/accredited translator or interpreter.

6. Partner skills

Is your partner qualified? Send us your CV as well as your partners! If they have a skill that is currently in demand in Australia and has can meet the English requirements they can help you gain points too!

7. Make sure you choose a Registered Migration Agent

A Registered Migration Agent will make sure each and every aspect of your experience, skills, and qualifications are analyzed to provide you with the best chance at getting the points you need to apply for your Australian Visa. Our Registered Migration Agents at Valet Migration are qualified to provide you with the most up-to-date legal advice. We make sure you are meeting all the requirements for Permanent Migration to Australia.

Contact us today to set up a meeting and one of our experienced registered agent.