The India Australia Business & Community Awards known as IABCA is an important awards ceremony held annually to honour entrepreneurship and leadership spirit among Indian and Australian community.

Many people from the Indian community have been actively contributing to the Australian economy and workforce. This award ceremony acknowledges the migrants who have contributed greatly to this beautiful multicultural nation. And inspires others by sharing the success stories and providing recognition to these difference makers.

This year’s finalists were released on 30th July and Valet Migration has been selected once again as the “Small Business of the Year 2019”. Valet Migration has been recognised for its outstanding support and contribution that it provided for the greater good of the community. The award acknowledges the hard work put by all the Valet Migration employees and their astonishing support for the client they dealt with during the whole year.

Since its inception year, Valet Migration has been held in high regards by Industry experts and Migration agents alike. It has been noted by many that Valet actively engages with the wider community through different events and fundraising.
The result of the award will be disclosed on 16th August 2019 at the event hosted by Gandhi Creations. This event holds a substantial meaning and value for the wider Indian community who are taking part in the ceremony.