The staff of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection started a two- week nationwide strike, protesting against the Australian government due to long- running conflict over pay rise.

The Community and Public Sector Union have given notice to all the Department of Immigration and Border Protection to halt their work in all the fields which includes sea ports, international airports, container examination facilities, client service centers and international mail facilities.

The national secretary of the Community and Public Sector Union, Nadine Flood said that the staff of the Department will stop their work in 30- minute blocks. But none of them will disclose about when or where the strike will be held.

She stated, “These workers are trying to get government to take this seriously and give us someone to sit down with and resolve this longstanding mess. Under Prime Minister Turnbull, they haven’t talked to us in a year.”

Nadine Flood said that even though there will be many delays in the international airports and other service facilities. Additional staff has been recruited at the Sydney Airport on 28th of September, 2016.

The Border Force stated, “We have contingency arrangements in place to minimise the impact of stoppages on business operations.”

Recently, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection has released a statement on their further plans and arrangement they have made in order to decrease the negative impact of the stoppages on business operations.

It stated,
“While we are working closely with stakeholders to minimise the impact on the travelling public and on cargo and mail operations, and are ensuring appropriate measures are in place for visa and citizenship services, we strongly encourage passengers departing on international flights get to the airport early and those arriving should expect some delays. It is unfortunate that the CPSU is taking this action, fully aware that it will cause potential disruption and delay to the public. The planned strike action will serve only to disadvantage CPSU members, who have already lost in excess of $2 million in salary deductions as a result of participation in strike action.´