Immigration is one of the vague and as well as complex area of law, where authorities incline to amend the laws every now and then. Whilst we see DOHA (Department of Home Affairs) exploding and slashing (occasionally) the processing time every month, we have the good news for

The journey might be complex, however, the period to reach the destination has been shortened. Yes, the department has reduced the processing time for offshore and as well as onshore partner visa applications to nearly half. Formerly, the time taken for the spouse visa (offshore) was approximately 21-26 months which has fallen sharply to 13-17 months for SC 309 and 17to 25 months for SC 100. Similarly, department has made changes in time taken for onshore applications as well. The latest update on processing time is as follows:-

Processing Time

The processing time is impacted each month due to application volumes, compound cases, incomplete applications and seasonal peaks.

A. Offshore application:
Stream 75 percent of applications processed 90 percent of applications processed
​309 – Provisional visa ​13 months 17 months
​​​100 – Permanent visa 17 months 25 months

Last updated 17 October 2018 (for month ending 30 September 2018)

B. Onshore application:
Stream 75 percent of applications processed 90 percent of applications processed
​​820 – Temporary visa 21 months 26 months
801 – Permanent visa 18 months 24 months

Last updated 17 October 2018 (for month ending 30 September 2018)

How And Where To Apply?

Visa application is crucial therefore it is important to know how, where and when it must be lodged. Not only the processing time, but the authorities have also made changes to how and where to lodge the Partner Visa Application. Partner Visa application now must be lodged online via ImmiAccount. Further, the visa application charges are also required to be paid online. Hence, no more paper application will be accepted.

If you are thinking of applying for a partner visa application for Australia from any part of the globe and are overwhelmed with all the changes, requirements procedure and the process of where and how to lodge the visa application and at the same time want some ‘peace of mind’ in your visa application, please do not hesitate to contact VALET MIGRATION. We will calmly walk you both through the visa application process and explain how to ‘avoid the migration minefield’ associated with such a lengthy and complicated partner visa application process.

Because of the complexities and rapid fluctuations in Immigration law, keeping up with these changes require dexterity. You need to carefully pick your migration lawyer or the agent. As with any visa applications, there are different complexities and nuances throughout all visa subclasses (and the partner visa subclass is no different).

With our experienced and friendly team of registered migration agents, we are able to provide you with all the information necessary to help you reaching your destination and meeting your partner and your family. Our service is fast, friendly and effective.

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