The Productivity Commission proposed a wide range of changes for the way Australia chooses its migrants in the Skilled Migration Program. In a detailed report submitted to the Australian Government, the Commission outlined some major changes in order to re-calibrate the skills of the immigrants. The changes are as follows.

1. Lower the Age Limit

The commission has recommended that the current age limit for permanent skilled immigrant be reduced from 50 and preferably concentrate on younger skilled immigrants, based on the point system. But at the same time, the commission wants to continue making exceptions to old people with exceptional skills.

2. Using Skilled Occupations List as the Standard

The sole basis of judging the skill set of an applicant should be the skilled occupations list, as suggested by the commission, for all tiers of skilled permanent residency visa and including temporary residence visa. The commission also recommended a pilot scheme to go with the skilled occupation list that would consider occupations not strictly falling within the particular skill sets and skills that are not occupation specific.

3. Singles Preferred

Applicants with no dependants are to be given more preference in the program.

4. Primary Applicant to get Points for Skills of Secondary Applicant

The proposal suggests the government award more contributing points to the primary applicant for the traits and skills of a secondary applicant.

5. Similar points system for all

Currently, the points system work differently for different permanent residency visa applications, especially employer sponsored applicants. In the new program, recommendation by employer will gain extra points, but the points will be awarded the same for all applicants.

6. English proficiency of partners and adult children

The applicant’s adult family members are to be assessed for their proficiency in English, their skills and age. With these new changes, the commission hopes to raise the overall calibre of the incoming immigrants to the country.