The Australian government is continuing to offer incentives for migrants by introducing 2 new Provisional Regional Visas (Subclass 491 regional state sponsored and Subclass 494 regional employer sponsor) both leading to Permanent Residency (PR) if the potential migrant commits to staying in the regional area for at least 3 years.

Regional area expands to previously restricted areas!

Dreaming of staying in popular coastal areas like the Gold Coast in Queensland? Wollongong or Newcastle in New South Wales? (just 1.5 hours from Sydney)

Guess what! These are considered regional areas now!

In fact, all of Australia is considered regional with the exception of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Beautiful Perth City in Western Australia was taken out of the regional list a couple of years ago, but is now back as a regional area!

This is great news for potential migrants needing to gain more points to meet the migration requirements.

Migration Points Test also revised

Looking at a regional area to gain more points?

Previously you would obtain 10 points for applying for regional sponsorship, now you can gain 15 points if you submit your interest and apply for a visa in a regional area.

Are you single?

The government would not consider this previously but now if you are single, you get 10 points extra towards your migration score.

Do you have a spouse or de-facto partner?

Previously you would get 5 points if your partner was under 45 years of age, had a positive skills assessment in an occupation on the same list as your own visa AND they would need to have a competent level of English. Now this type of secondary applicant will get 10 points!


Regardless of your spouses age, even if they are over 45 years, having only a competent English score will give you 5 points towards your migration score!

At Valet Migration, we can look at your profile and advise you on the best pathway towards permanent residency and with all these new incentives, the options are boundless!

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