If you want to apply for a Carer visa application, you need to know that currently that currently it has become quite difficult for an individual to receive the visa. Under the regulation 1.5AA(e), the applicant need to show evidence that he/ she is sought because the medical services cannot be provided by any other Australian resident or also by any hospitals, clinics and nursing homes in Australia.

The Kheir & Ors v Minister for Immigration (2016) FCCA 1577 (6 July 2016, which is a new case that has been going through various proceedings in the court offer very small hope that may be it is possible for the relatives and family members to look after and care for their elderly family member’s needs.

In order to qualify for the carer visa, here are some of the general requirements that you will need to meet:

  • You have a family member or relative who is an Australian citizen and needs your assistance due to sudden sickness.
  • The Australian relative has arranged the needed assessment with Bupa Medical Visa Services;
  • No body or no medical services in Australia who can provide the care or assistance needed;
  • You are both willing and able to assist your Australian family member;
  • The Australian relative or his/her partner has applied for your sponsorship.