Australian MARA News: Occupations Invited for Permanent Residency (PR) Visa Applications June 2020

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

In this article we discuss the last quarter and how the Australian government extended unique Australian Immigration Visa invitations for specific occupations due to global COVID-19 pandemic. Understand the current climate surrounding invitations for an Australian migration visa and the Australian governments approach to fill occupational demand, especially around essential services.

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At Valet Migration, our registered MARA agents pride themselves on being affiliated with a large network of Australian immigration professionals who come together to share their knowledge and feedback on current Australian Migration trends and this month the General Skilled Migration visa has been a hot topic in the Australian Visa category.

Through Registered Migration Agent (MARA) meetings and collaborations, we have seen the majority of Permanent Residency Visa invitations for applicants in the last quarter being provided to predominantly, the medical health profession, particularly Registered and Enrolled Nurses. These professions form part of the essential services and now is the time to secure your place in Australia.

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In the last month however, there have been inclusions of ICT Occupations being invited for General Skilled Migration and in the most recent invitation, around (10/11th of June) Hospitality professions are back in! This includes, Chefs, Hotel or Motel Managers and Café or Restaurant Managers.

Stephanie, a registered Australian migration agent (MARA) and senior immigration consultant at Valet Migration in Sydney said- This is great news for anyone looking to migrate to Australia and secure Permanent Residency (PR) in Australia through the skilled migration program. It also indicates the growth strategy the government is implementing in the background to revive the Australian economy after the fall in several industries due to COVID-19. It is important to note that even though our borders are closed, applications are still open and starting the Australian visa application process now will ensure our clients are ahead of the crisis and at the forefront of the Australian immigration departments application process”

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This is welcoming news for potential candidates as we see more professions being gradually invited and the country returning to normalcy.

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Source: Registered Migration Agent meeting and networking collaborations to discuss internal data on the invitations they have received from their clients.

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