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Being one of the most multi-cultural countries in the world, Australia is a popular destinations for migrants all over the world. Most of the people who have settled in Australia are exposed to a variety of cultures, ethnicities and open-mindedness. As a result of this multiculturalism, one of the most popular migration streams in recent years has been the partner (or spouse) visas. The partner visa essentially allows the opportunity for non-Australian residents to become an Australian permanent resident (and eventually the option to be a citizen) by way of marriage or de facto relationship.

As with any visa applications, there are different complexities and nuances throughout all visa subclasses (and the partner visa subclass is no different). For instance, different requirements are imposed for couples that have already married as opposed to couples engaged in a de facto relationship. Furthermore, should the relationship consist of any dependents, it would mean taking a different approach to those who bear no dependents. As you can see, many factors are taken into account by the Department of Immigration when deciding partner visa cases. This highlights the importance for couples to ‘put their best food forward’ in presenting their case to the Department.

On that topic, for most couples, lodging a partner visa can be quite daunting and confusing. Applications generally span for 12 to 15 months and should there be a need for review that would extend the time taken to approximately 15 months. Then there is the issue of cost. Due to the implemented changes to the law, since 1st January 2015 the cost of Partner visa application is now priced at $6,865 (an increase of over $2300 from the last price). Unfortunately for couples that undertake this process, they do not pay attention to certain issues (which given the high costs, would cause them to ultimately fail their application). Therefore when applying, it is important that applicants understand the major pitfalls. This is to save themselves the sorrow and heartache of not only failing their application, but also losing the amount spent on the application itself.

One vital requirement that is easily overlooked for couples undergoing partner visa applications is the ‘genuineness of relationship’ requirement. One of the main hurdles for applicants is usually pin-pointed to their inability to prove to the Department that their relationship is in fact genuine. When presenting their case, many couples are too conservative in explaining their relationship to the Department (which is counter-productive to their ultimate goal).

Sometimes, it is understandably hard finding the balance between ‘too much information’ and the required amount for a successful application. Therefore, for a partner visa to be granted, an applicant must show that they are a person of good character, in a relationship with a spouse that is willing to be nominated as a ‘sponsor’, and have made statutory declarations proving evidence of the existence of the relationship.

To avoid potential disappointments, there should be several key questions that all applicants must answer before beginning this process. Any applicant should be able to answer whether they:

  1.  Understand all the requirements and processes of the application;
  2. Are able to present to the Department their relationship in a genuine manner;
  3. Will have access to all supporting documents (and how to obtain them), including from friends and family; and
  4. Understand the resources available for access should any questions regarding the process arise.

It is therefore highly recommended that you see a professional about discussing your options and qualifications regarding your potential application. At Valet Migration, we can help you do just that. With our experienced and friendly migration agents ready to help, we are able to provide you with all the information necessary to help you decide if the partner visa is right for you and your family. Our service is fast, friendly and effective.

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