A good news for the migrants! The Government of Australia has recently announced a new visa system for the parents of the migrants which will begin from July 2017. This is a temporary visa for a period of five years where the parents can visit their family anytime during these five years.

According to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, new consultation process will start soon and will invite the members of the public to give their opinion on the matter.

Alex Hawke, Assistant Immigration Minister of Australia stated,

“If we are to have more aged parents who have come from overseas here with us visiting or staying, we have to ensure that our already overburdened health system is protected from extra cost. It’s a key issue.”

Recently, a report was published by the Productivity Commission which discussed about introducing temporary visa for the migrant’s parents that will enable them to stay for a long time with their family. Along with that, the sponsoring migrant must meet the health and income costs during their stay.

The report stated,
“On this basis, the net liability to the Australian community of providing assistance to these 8,700 parents over their lifetime ranges between $2.6 and $3.2 billion in present value terms. Given that there is a new inflow each year, the accumulated taxpayer liabilities become very large over time. This is a high cost for a relatively small group.”

The Migration programme did make the Permanent visas available for the parents but the waiting time is very long.

The report further stated,

“The Government’s intention is that any new temporary parent visa arrangement should help offset these issues, while allowing Australia to benefit socially through having united families and cohesive communities. At the same time, the financial cost of offering a new temporary visa for parents should not become a burden to the Australian community.”