South Australia – Investor Visa: Making it easier for international business owners to invest in Australia

South Australia has been chosen to become the first state in Australia to pilot a new visa for start-up entrepreneurs who desire to establish a business.

The current entrepreneur requires mandatory funding/ injected into the Australian economy and proven experience in successful business ownership at least 2 of the last 4 fiscal years.

This pilot program will run over 4 years and 30 places will be allocated in the first year with potential for higher numbers of visas increasing every year.

The South Australian Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment, David Ridgway said the new visa encourages growth in the local entrepreneurial culture.

There may be some financial requirements which are yet to be clarified that may apply to applicants but the following requirements have been provided:

Age: Must be under 45

English: Unlike other visa requiring a competent level (IELTS 6) This visa will only require a minimum of level 5 in EACH  component of IELTS. This is excellent news!

Although this is a Temporary Visa, The premier of South Australia, Steven Marshall has stated that this arrangement can lead to permanent Residency as participants develop their business plans into successful enterprises and injecting more employment into the state.

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