A new legislation has increased the background investigation of a visa sponsor applicant. According to
the new law, a thorough background check will be conducted to applicants who wish to be sponsors for
family visa. If this background investigation reveals any undesirable record, the applicant would be
unable to become a visa sponsor for their spouse or family.

In an attempt to eradicate domestic violence, the new law will prevent potentially violent, or one with a
history of violence or misconduct, to applicants to sponsor the visa for another family member. The
former law regarding the issue said that the sponsor is to take care of the sponsored visa-holder for at
least two years. However, there was no penalties if the sponsor chose to ignore this duty. The new law
will cut down the leniency and impose strict penalties on such offenders.

The law will, according to the Department of Immigration, help the sponsored people, especially women
and children, by ensuring that an applicant with a record of any behavioural or sexual offence would not
be legible for being a sponsor, and also by ensuring that the sponsor does their duty to the sponsored