Recently, a new ANUpoll has been conducted regarding national security in Australia. The results of the new ANUpoll show that 56 per cent of the Australians is apprehensive about the rise of Islamic extremism in near future in Australia. On the other hand, 28 per cent of them believes that the Muslims who enter Australia must not be a subject of scrutinization due to their religion.

This new poll was conducted by the Australian National University. The poll has also gained support to re- establish strict border protection, revoking the citizenship of the fighters or soldiers from abroad with a dual nationality and much more.

Professor Amin Saikal, Director of the ANU Centre for Arab and Islamic Studies stated, “While many Australians fear terrorist attacks and a majority are prepared to compromise their individual rights and freedoms in favour of living in security, they have at the same time conflated terrorism with extremism, and have not been able to make a clear distinction between the two.”

On another note, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnball has stated that the government of Australia would not halt its intake of refugees this year. The program also led by the United States has planned to increase the number of refugees to 19,000 in two years.