In the spirit of Valentine ’s Day just passed, it would be appropriate to shed light on one of the most popular methods of obtaining permanent residency – the partner visa pathway (specifically, the Prospective Marriage Visa).

A significant number of couples in Australia need the immigration system to keep their relationship continuing. Whether one spouse is located outside of Australia, or whether a loved one has to return to their home country, there are many circumstances where staying together can be difficult due to a partner’s immigration status. Fortunately, with Australia being one of the most multi-cultural countries in the world, there are methods implemented to maintain (and encourage) romantic unions such as the abovementioned. For Australians today, meeting and falling in love with an overseas partner has become increasingly common in Australia’s open-minded society. Furthermore, with the introduction of video communications and the internet, harbouring a romantic relationship is no longer confined to one’s city (let alone one country). Consequently, variety in how a couple can develop and maintain a relationship have become endless.

Enter the Prospective Marriage Visa (subclass 300). For couples that are divided by the Pacific Ocean (or the Atlantic, or any body of water for that matter), the PMV could provide a solution to their logistical issues. To be eligible, it is a requirement that applicants are outside of Australia. Most importantly however, the applicant must be engaged to an Australian partner (permanent resident or citizen). In essence, the PMV enables holders to travel to Australia and unite with their Australian partner temporarily and formalise their marriage (up to nine months). It is a requirement that the marriage is conducted on Australian soil. From here, PMV holders who are genuinely in love and can show that they harbour a continuing and genuine relationship with a member of the Australian society are eligible to lodge the partner visas (subclasses 820 and following that, the subclass 801).

The PMV essentially caters to couples who are at the stage of their relationship where marriage is on the cards, or would be the next natural step to take in their relationship. Unlike other partner visas in this stream, the PMV distinguishes itself from the others in this class as it does not require applicants to show (and evidence) one year of continuous relationship. Other applicable situations where the PMV is appropriate would be in relationships where a relationship has led into marriage in under 1 year.

Do keep in mind that this pathway is one of the many pathways available to an applicant when considering a move to Australia. To avoid feeling lost or confused (or worse, waste money and time), It is therefore highly recommended that you see a professional about discussing your options and qualifications regarding your potential application. At Valet Migration, we can help you do just that. With our experienced and friendly migration agents ready to help, we are able to provide you with all the information necessary to help you decide if the partner visa is right for you and your family.  Our service is fast, friendly and effective.

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