Jasvinder Sidhu,the head of the Indian community, has recently claimed that some of the alleged visa fixers have been known to create hoax jobs for foreigners.

A joint investigation of Fairfax Media and ABC 7.30 was launched a few days ago and Sidhu procured various hidden camera footages which were taken as part of the investigation.  One such video revealed a professional visa fixer who talked about the corruption involving border security and migration system of Australia.

Sidhu stated, “They were offering multiple sponsorships in mechanics, commercial cookery, IT as well. They did say his boss had a good range of 457 [visas] in IT and in information technology.”

Sidhu who came to Australia about 10 years ago and had first hand experience with visa scams during his time as a student. Many fake visa holders have been exploited in their workplaces and concerned about their safety, Sidhu decided to carry out this investigation.

“These people will create your fake time sheets, fake pay sheets and fake superannuation. Everything is fake. You are paying extra to create a job that doesn’t exist and a service that was never delivered and you are getting a permanent residency, which is not fake. That is the real output.”- remarked Sidhu.

There are thousands of fake visa holders who go through various types of exploitation every day. This is one of the most important matters that needs to be addressed by the late amendments to the Migration Act.