Last month, an Essential Research Poll was held in Australia where 49 per cent of Australians has supported a ban on Muslim Immigration. 60 per cent of them were Coalition voters, 40 per cent of them were Labor voters and the 34 per cent of them were Greens voters.

US President provided strong opinions after the results were published stating that the refugees are more of a victim than terrorists or cause of violence.

He stated,
“This crisis is a test of our common humanity – whether we give in to suspicion and fear and build walls, or whether we see ourselves in another.”

One of the common reasons behind the ban is a deep sense of fear over terrorism and holding a belief that the Muslim immigrants do not understand the Australian life and culture and hence cannot integrate themselves into the society.

Peter Lewis, an Essential pollster stated,
“It’s too a big a number to say it’s an unrepresentative rump that should be shunned from polite society.”
But would happen if the Immigration was stopped in Australia?

Firstly, the population growth of Australia will decrease exponentially. About 326,100 people that were added to the population count in 2015, only 148,900 came from natural birth in Australia, while 177,100 people migrated to Australia where most of them were either on a student visa or skilled migrants.

Next, the economic growth of the country would fluctuate. According to Paul Bloxham, the chief economist of HSBC Bank said that the key drivers of growth in the economy of Australia have been strong population growth.

He stated,
“That makes us quite different to a lot of other countries across the world who have got the challenge of population growth that’s slowing, or shrinking, like Japan.”

Tourism and Education in Australia will deteriorate quickly as the export revenue from the international students costs more than $20 billion annually. This is one of the third largest export next to coal and iron ore.
On the other hand, halting Immigration would cause the tourism industry in Australia to suffer. Margy Osmund, chief executive of the Tourism & Transport Forum Australia stated,
“Particularly for the Chinese market, holidays, education and long-stay family reunions are a big reason for them to come here, stay longer and spend more in our economy.”

Without Immigration, skilled workers will decrease, there will be no doctors or nurses in the hospitals and clinics and many businesses will be closed down. Therefore, the advocators and supports of halting immigration need to think really carefully before making a rash decision.