Mojgan Shamsilpoor, 22, who arrived at Australia from Iran, in order to start a new life, away from all the abuse and violence she had to face back at home from her stepfather. She was really happy in Australia, fell in love with another Iranian man, Milad Jafari and married him. But the happy days came to an end when Mojgan’s application for protection visa was denied by the officials and was taken to a detention centre in Brisbane after she revealed about the abuse she has to face in Iran.

Jafari stated, “She is my wife. I love her so much. Mojgan has done nothing wrong. Our lives are purely in the hands of Mr. Dutton (Immigration Minister) now. It all depends on his signature, but he has not considered our lives, our marriage, our dreams.”

According to a spokesman of Dutton, Mojgan’s claims are being assessed with caution and the decision for denying asylum has been officiated by the judicial and refugee tribunal review committee in the federal court.

Supporters of Mojgan Shamsalipoor has rallied for her along with the teacher and students of Yeronga State High where she completed her high school education.