Recently, Peter Dutton, the Immigration Minister of Australia has attacked Malcolm Fraser, the former Liberal prime minister on his refugee policies. While on an interview at the Sky News, he blamed him for the current struggle Australia has been going on with the foreign fighters travelling to international conflict zones. The foreign fighters are known to be the descendants of the migrants who arrived in the 1970s.

Dutton stated,
“If there is a particular problem that people can point to within a certain community, and we’re talking about a significant number of people in that community who are doing the wrong thing, then clearly mistakes have been made in the past.

The reality is that Malcolm Fraser did make mistakes in bringing some people in in the 1970s and we’re seeing that today. We need to be honest in having that discussion.”

According to Dutton, Australia must learn from the past lessons of the migration programs as new migrants arrives and settles in the community today.

At the time when Malcolm Fraser was the Prime Minister, about more than 200,000 migrants arrived in Australia largely from Asia. This was a part of the policies that were particularly focused on resettlement and multiculturalism.

“No doubt the law and order issue is very big and the lack of policing is very big, and I have noticed that you have thrown out or intend to throw out some people back to Africa, but this is reacting afterwards.”

Dutton further talked about at what proportion of Lebanese and Sudanese community was involved in the program. According to him, most of the young people who are going to fight in the Middle East are mostly born in Australia to migrant or refugee parents.

He stated,

“So we need to have a proper look at what has gone wrong and clearly something has gone wrong. We do review the [immigration] program each year, and if we feel there are problems with particular cohorts, particular nationalities, particular people who might not be integrating well and not contributing well, then there are many other worthy recipients who seek to come to a country like ours and make an opportunity their own.”

The migration department of Australia announced that they will further look into the matter whether the criteria of the current visa provide enough emphasis on the prospects of migrants settling in Australia.