For the past few years, the immigration department in Australia has failed to deal with the regional crimes that occur within the visa system of Australia which includes smugglers and other different criminal organisations involved in the work and student visa system.

Joseph Petyanszki, who was head of the investigation department from 2007 to 2013, has overlooked more than thousands of fraud cases committed by various migration agents and employers.

Petyanszki has recently suggested a reexamination of the fraudulent cases.

He stated, “In the border security debate, it has been easy to deflect the public’s attention to boat arrivals. But this fear mongering has totally ignored where the vast bulk of real fraud is most significantly undermining our immigration programs.”

On the other hand, the leader of the Indian community, Jasvinder Sidhu said that many Indians have paid approximately $80,000 to various agents in order to apply for jobs or for university courses that don’t exist. He has filmed a meeting with a shifty agent where the agent wanted a fee of $50,000 for every individual.

He stated,

“These people are paying up to $50,000 and you need to see the way they live. Ten people in one house , they don’t get to eat properly and work upto 18hours a day. We have seen girls being raped by their employers. And we have seen people having injuries at work. Their thumbs were cut off or they had other major injuries, but they still did not complain.”

Sidhu’s revelation has been a large part of this investigation which also includes many corrupted officers and representatives.