Since the referendum where Britain voted to leave the European Union, also known as “BREXIT”, the United Kingdom has been going through financial turmoil as the prices in the stock market plunged and the British Pound had a dramatic fall out overnight. Many banks and real estate firms have been badly affected because of it.

The senior analyst at Hargreaves Lansdown, Laith Khalaf stated,” Financials and house builders are bearing the brunt of the pain, with Lloyds Bank being one of the biggest fallers,”

So due to these issues, if the British are planning to migrate in order to start afresh and lead a better quality of life in Australia along with their families, they will need to pay more for visa applications and other immigration charges. Currently, 1 Pound costs 1.72 Australian dollars. Due to BREXIT, the British Pound has fallen to below 20 percent.

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