The new Queensland Business Criteria for the Business, Innovation and Investment Program (BIIP) and a new Queensland Skilled Occupation List (QSOL) has been announced by the Government of Queensland. The changes will be carried out from 25 th of July, 2016. From 14th of July to 22 nd of July, all the processing of the EOI has been deferred by the department of Business and Skilled Migration. The processing will be undertaken on 25 th of July, 2016 under the new list.

The new changes has been made in the following sections:

SUBCLASS 132 BUSINESS TALENT (SIGNIFICANT BUSINESS HISTORY STREAM) – AUD $1.5 million should be transferred to Queensland under Net Business and Personal Asserts. The transfer should be made within 24 months after the visa is granted.


Innovation Stream- AUD $800,000 should be transferred to Queensland under Net Business and Personal Asserts. The individual must live in Queensland and must acquire a minimum investment of AUD $ 200,000 in his/ her business.

Investor stream: The individual must meet the existing requirements and should be a resident of Queensland.

Significant Investor Stream: The individual must acquire the current Austrade Complying Investment Framework and remain committed to the state of Queensland.