In this article we will discuss the current and new multiple initiatives that the Australian government, in conjunction with the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection has taken to incentivise people looking to migrate to Australian through skilled migration program. These initiatives will help these skilled migrants choose regional areas overall metropolitan cities such as Sydney or Melbourne. All these initiatives are part of Australian Government’s larger plan to give boost to the economy of its regional area by attracting a higher number of skilled migrants in comparison to previous years.

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Altering the definition of regional areas

Most recently in November 2019, the Australian Government changed the definition of regional areas and classified Perth and the Gold Coast as regional areas giving a boost to their economies by presenting them as an attractive destination for skilled migrants and international students.

The new definition has come into effect from 16th November 2019. While announcing this scheme Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said: “We’re using our migration programme to back our regions to grow to take the population pressure off our major capital cities and by supporting strong regions we’re creating an even stronger economy for Australia.”
He also added that “These changes will boost the appeal for so many cities and regional centres that are looking to grow their population to support local services like schools and health care, while attracting new workers and students, meaning more jobs and more investment.”

Additionally, Minister for Population, Cities and Urban Infrastructure Alan Tudge highlighted the fact that approximately 70% of Australia’s population growth in recent years has been into Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane and increasingly, these major cities are feeling congestion pressures.

He also added that “Migration has been the primary driver of this growth, and these changes means more migrants and international students will live, work and study in our smaller cities and regional areas”.

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Introduction of Regional Visas

In addition to classifying Perth and Gold Coast as regional areas, the Australian government has introduced two new regional visas.

The two new visas include:

  • Skilled Work Regional Visa (subclass 491)
  • Skilled Employer-Sponsored Regional Visa (subclass 494).

Both these visas require skilled migrants to work in regional areas for three years to be eligible for an Australian Permanent Residency (PR). By ensuring that skilled migrants work in regional areas for a minimum of three years the Australian Government is incentivising them to get settled in these areas in the long term.

Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) visa is for people who are nominated by an Australian State or Territory or sponsored by an eligible family member to live and work in regional Australia whereas skilled Employer Sponsored Regional (Provisional) visa is for people sponsored by an employer in Regional Australia. These new visas accept overseas migrants from a broader range of occupations that includes real estate agents, call centre managers, actors, historians and even kennel hands.

While introducing these visas David Coleman, Federal Minister for Immigration, Citizenship, Migrant Services and Multicultural Affair said “Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane were suffering significant population pressures, while smaller cities and regional areas were desperate for more skilled workers.

We are easing the population pressures on Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, and promoting growth in those regional areas that need more people. Our priority is always to fill jobs with Australians, but the immigration system can play an important role in helping to address regional skills gaps and grow local economies.”

He also added that “by requiring migrants to live and work in regional areas for three years before they can get permanent residency, we are encouraging them to put down roots and settle in these areas long term,” he said.

“That is what our smaller cities and regional communities need.”

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Introduction of Regional Outreach Officers

In addition to the introduction of the new visas, the Australian Government has also created a network of Regional Outreach Officers (ROOs). ROOs are based in the Department of Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs’ (DIMIA) business centres in each State and Territory. The role of ROO’s is to raise the level of awareness of the various regional migration programs and support their operation. ROO will visit regional areas and develop and consolidate partnerships with regional communities.

Capping of Overall Migration Visa but extending Regional Visas allocation

Earlier this year the Australian Government announced that it would reduce the permanent migration cap from 190,000 to 160,000 places, and within that set aside 23,000 places for regional visas.

To summarize, if an applicant wants a greater probability of getting Australian Permanent Residency then they need to focus securing a PR by choosing to live and work in a regional areas as opposed to metropolitan cities such as Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

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