Abel Kalpinand Prasad was caught in the act of faking work visas and stealing about $100, 000 from the Australian Taxation office. The 29 year old Indian citizen has been jailed for four years and five months along with one year and 10 months on a non- parole period.

Judge Julie McIntyre of the District court stated it is apparent that sending Prasad to prison would put an ultimate stop to such criminal acts.

“You have a narcissistic personality disorder, an exaggerated sense of self-entitlement and a preoccupation with power. You also have an unwillingness to identify with the feelings of others.” – said Judge McIntyre.

Abel Prasad was the director and shareholder of IvyEnvy Pty Ltd, IvyEnvy Creative Marketing, IvyEnvy  Creative and Prasad Investments. He pleaded guilty to the four Commonwealth fraud charges.

Judge Mclntyre further stated, “(Getting caught at ANZ) served as no apparent disincentive to you continuing your fraudulent offending. This was a deliberate and repetitive fraud over a long period of time. GST fraud is not a victimless crime. It is a crime against the Australian community because it reduces the funds available for essential services and it increases the tax burden on honest taxpayers.”