Are you tourist or holiday maker keen to explore and travel around Australia?

Tickets booked, passport found, itinerary is sorted, bags are packed and what about the visa?

Unless you are an Australian or New Zealand citizen all nationalities require a visa when travelling to Australia. There are a number of Short-term visas that cover people travelling to Australia as tourists, on business or to visit family.

To ensure your travels are stress and hassle-free, it is good planning to know which visa matches your purpose before making your visa application.

Visitor Visa categories:

  • Visitor visas: The Visitor visa is a temporary visa that allows people to travel to Australia as tourists or to visit family. The Visitor visa has four streams:
    • Tourist stream: Eligible for visitors who wish to holiday, travel or visit friends and family in Australia.
    • Business Visitor stream: Eligible for visitors travelling to Australia specifically for business purposes. This comprises an employment enquiry, participating in a conference or negotiating.
    • Sponsored Family stream: Eligible for visitors coming to Australia to visit their family and relatives. Visitors will require a sponsor.
    • Approved Destination Status stream: Eligible for visitors travelling in a tour group from the People’s Republic of China.
  • Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) visa: The Electronic Travel Authority allows tourist or business visitors to enter Australia as many times as desired for up to one year. There is no need to mark your passport (label or stamp) and no need to visit the Australian Embassy. The applicant can directly submit the visa application online.
  • eVisitors visa: The eVisitors visa is applicable for those who wish to visit Australia for tourism or business purposes such as attending conferences or exploring business opportunities. The applicant must hold a valid passport from one of the ETA listed countries. It’s an electronically stored authority for travel to the country.


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