So what do I do in the meantime? A short guide to Australian Bridging Visas

Most of the people who have had to go through Australia’s immigration system will not hesitate to tell you that it is quite a complex and stressful process. While some are lucky enough to have a relatively straightforward journey in their quest to make Australia their home/place of study/place of business, the vast spectrum of human circumstances can make the …

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Down under and here to stay – the benefits of Australian Citizenship

Throughout the world, Australia is known to be one of the most laidback countries in the world. This stereotype is derived from the typical Australian lifestyle, which involves a degree of informality, a relaxed approach to issues and an easy-going demeanor. Given that a significant number of Australian cities are close to beaches, it can be argued that the ‘Aussie’ …

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Window of opportunity – increasing your chances of a permanent visa in the current Australian job market by thinking outside of the box

In recent years, Australia has become a world-wide destination for international students. High standards of education coupled with a laid-back lifestyle and easy going people can be attributed to this attraction (not to mention amazing weather that can rival any country in the world). Combined together, starting up a graduate career in Australia has become very appealing to students planning …

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